Building bridges 9789086596683

What is the future of science and technology? Will academic research become a commodity like so much else? Will technology and science become ever more intertwined? Such questions concern anyone to whom science and technology matter. A philosophical approach can shed light on them, as Hans Radder has amply shown. This volume contains essays by colleagues and friends that highlight the wide variety of topics he has addressed in his work. Whether it is the interaction between science, technology and society, the nature of scientific experimentation, or the scientific realism question, Radder’s approach is always acute and committed.

With contributions by Henk van den Belt, James Robert Brown, Kai Eigner, Andrew Feenberg, Steve Fuller, Makoto Katsumori, Peter Kirschenmann, Christian Krijnen, Peter Kroes, Chunglin Kwa, Sabina Leonelli, Loet Leydesdorff, Alfred Nordmann, Pieter Pekelharing, Arthur Petersen, Henk de Regt, Angela Roothaan, László Ropolyi, Frits Schipper, and Astrid Schwarz.

VU University Press

ISBN 978 90 8659 668 3
Building bridges. Connecting science, technology and philosophy (9789086596683). Auteur: Henk de Regt, Chunglin Kwa. Uitgever: VU uitgeverij. Taal: Nederlands. Lengte: . Uitvoering: Paperback Building bridges 9789086596683
Building bridges
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